On the Information Technologies Committee, we will work on various projects.  Some of these projects include: redesigning our website, writing new content for the site and taking photos, updating website content, and brainstorming new ideas for potential technology workshops. Shoot me an email at if you're interested in joining or want to learn more! I would love your input and assistance! And, of course, there will be snacks!


 Finance committee is responsible for the store's day-to-day finances and accounting, as well as, educating general membership about the financial health of our collective.  If you're interested in finding out how we keep the BSFC running as a storefront, look no further than the Finance Committee. You'll help make budgets, file tax returns, apply for grants, and learn what finance is all about. We are also going to be working a lot with the BSFC's Outreach Committee on marketing the store this semester, so there will be a lot of that too!


As a member of the policy committee, you will be updating and creating policies that keep our store legal, safe, and inviting to everyone. Excitingly, we will be tasked with turning controversial debates into actionable policy. For this committee, bring a love of writing and a keen eye for detail!


As a 501 c(3) nonprofit, the BSFC has an educational mission to uphold. Education is encompassing of both membership and the community at large, and can include a multiplicity of opportunities. From hosting workshops on almond milk making, to touring other local food co-ops, the Education Committee is about expanding the scope of our work and mission as an educational nonprofit. We welcome interested minds and hearts with a passion for delving deeper into the complexities of our food system. Whether you are enchanted by speaker engagements, have a passion for teaching budget cooking, or are super excited to lead a group on a goat farm tour- the possibilities are endless. Your ideas are welcome here! 


The membership committee is responsible for planning and hosting the bi-weekly membership meetings, listening to member concerns, and planning and maintaining the master schedule. The membership committee is the BACKBONE of the food collective; without members, the BSFC wouldn’t exist!  If you are interested in welcoming new and returning members, planning meetings, organizing member socials, or anything at all related to the member experience, JOIN THE BEST COMMITTEE EVER! 


As a product committee member, you'll play a vital role in sourcing new products based on BSFC's purchasing guidelines. One of your responsibilities will be to develop close relationships with several vendors by introducing their products to the store and scheduling in-store demos. We will also check the weekly product sales and remove the ones that are not selling well. Last but least, y'all get to taste many yummy sample products :DDDDD


Food Prep aims to utilize local, seasonal, organic produce to provide fresh and nutritious grab-n-go meals for our community. 

Strategic Partnerships

The Strategic Partnerships Committee is both strategic and forward thinking in its vision for the Berkeley Student Food Collective as an educational resource about localized, sustainable food systems, a model for collectively run business everywhere, and direct solution to the issues of food insecurity and access to affordable, healthy food for students and community members of Berkeley. Our committee creates ambassador programs and partnerships with other organizations both on campus and in the community in order to get our products on more people's plates. We set up Career Panels, tables and demonstrations at campus events, and sponsorship or partnership opportunities. Our goal of increasing our presence in the local food system and educating students around the issues we tackle is crucial and requires building our network among students, campus affiliates, and other progressive food stores/programs.


As a member of the events committee, you will be an active part of planning all BSFC-related events. This includes (but is in no way limited to) guest speakers, documentary screenings, Kombucha Parties, field trips, hikes, and of course, end of the year extravaganzas! We will be supporting other committees in the planning of their events, as well as brainstorming and planning some exciting events of our own. All ideas and individuals are welcome, and tasks will likely revolve around scheduling, reaching out to vendors, publicity, and ensuring that events run smoothly. Get excited - it is going to be a great, event-filled year!  


The Marketing committee will work to inform the community about what the BSFC is and what events are going on within the BSFC. In this way, marketing committee members will work with various other committees to support them in publicizing their events. Some independent projects that we will be working on are a bi-monthly newsletter and the creation of a parklet. The newsletter will be sent to members and customers to inform them about what's going on in the store, and the parklet will be a groundbreaking way to attract more customers and enhance the store environment.


The Anti-Oppression Committee is a task force within the food collective, formed last year after our then-communications director, Grace Lihn, wrote a sobering open letter to the BSFC challenging our complicity in white privilege and other systems of oppression within our very own beloved store. 

We are tasked with the difficult but ever important task of incorporating anti-oppression into all aspects of the BSFC by challenging our culture that has resulted in a large majority of our membership being white, an atmosphere that has been ostracizing to people of color, and a product selection that includes culturally appropriative marketing, are financially inaccessible, are alienating, or come from the exploitation of marginalized groups. 

We've done a lot of work last year, with the kickoff of the Meal-Packaging project to make healthy meals more accessible, the Dollar Menu to highlight our awesome low-cost foods, and the Pay-As-You-Can project to make delicious, freshly cooked meals affordable. There are also projects like Pay-It-Forward and Product Review that are getting off the ground! We are also looking forward to hearing your ideas for projects!

In addition to merely making our goods more affordable and accessible, I am looking forward to having critical discussions about how to directly address the problematic aspects of the culture of the BSFC that has allowed for the inequities to manifest in the first place, and then taking action to make the BSFC a truly inclusive, equitable, sustainable community








Email your favorite committee for next steps!

Maggie Li - Board Chair:

Danielle Chen - IT:

Alex Shockley - Finance:

Melina Webb and Alex Peltz - Policy:

Sukhmony Brar - Education:

Abrah Steward - Membership:

Maddie Huber and Sami Barney - Product:

Julia Lotvin - Food Prep:

Yu-Shien Ni and Kelly Soria - Strategic Partnerships:

Madison Nairne - Storefront:

Julia Mes and Astri Horsburgh - Activism and Advocacy:

Camryn Bush - Marketing:

Sennai Kaffl - Development:

Madeline Fahselt and Alejandra Marquez - Anti-Oppression: