Our Team

our members are the foundation of the food collective.

2018-2019 Board of Directors (PC: Danielle Chen)

2018-2019 Board of Directors (PC: Danielle Chen)

Board of Directors

our goal is to ensure the smooth operation of the BSFC by organizing and, when necessary, directing the activities of the BSFC's members. A Director is a voting member of the Board of Directors.


Sukhmony Brar

Education Coordinator

The education committee works to educate members on a wide variety of topics pertaining to the food collective. We achieve this through designing&facilitating workshops, creating resources, and organizing events for our membership. We will soon be hosting the anti-oppression educational workshops.


Maddie Huber and Anna Hirschorn

Products Co-Coordinators

The Product Committee meets twice a month to discuss current products in the store as well as discuss and evaluate possible new products to introduce at the Collective. There’s always lots of samples!


Camryn Bushy

Marketing Coordinator

The Marketing committee will work to inform the community about what the BSFC is and what events are going on within the BSFC. In this way, marketing committee members will work with various other committees to support them in publicizing their events.


Abrah Steward

Membership Coordinator

The membership committee is responsible for planning and hosting the membership meetings, listening to member concerns, and planning and maintaining the master schedule. The membership committee is the BACKBONE of the food collective; without members, the BSFC wouldn’t exist!



Alumni Coordinator

The Alumni Coordinator works to re-engage Food Collective alumni and connect current members with resources and professional opportunities.


Maggie Li

Board Chair Coordinator

Board Chair's committee is the board of directors. Board Chair works closely with our Staff to ensure that the collective runs smoothly.


Alex Peltz and Melina Webb

Policy Co-Coordinators

Policy committee is focused on reviewing and revising store policies for the Student Food Collective. We are currently working on drafting a Member Referendum policy as well as drafting explanations for our current store policies, called "The Why's of Policy".



Development Coordinator

Development committee works on the internal side of BSFC. Some projects include working on improving and growing our reach and potential partnerships, and creating a more efficent process for running the collective both on the membership side and business side.


Yu Shien and Kelly

Strategic Partnerships CO-Coordinators

The Strategic Partnerships Committee is both strategic and forward thinking in its vision for the Berkeley Student Food Collective as an educational and sustainable food system, and a direct solution to food insecurity in Berkeley. Our goal of increasing our presence in the local food system and educating students around the issues we tackle is crucial and requires building our network among students, campus affiliates, and other progressive food stores/programs.



Finance Coordinator

The Finance Committee is working to make the Collective's accounting process more efficient and to foster revenue growth. We are working with several of our stakeholders to ensure full transparency and accuracy in our work. Our goal is to make continuous improvements to the financial health of BSFC!


Julia Lotvin

Food Prep Coordinator

Food Prep Committee meets twice a month to discuss ways to better our already thriving food prep program. This semester we are working on student-written cookbook that will be sold at the collective!


Astri and Julia

ACTIVISM and ADVOCACY Co-Coordinators

Activism & Advocacy committee is meant to bridge the distance between the BSFC and the broader Berkeley and East Bay communities, striving to be in solidarity with ongoing struggles for social, economic, racial and food justice. We have been learning about community organizations whose work we aim to support, as well as increasing engagement within the Collective through our new message box and activism events calendar now in the store!


Danielle Chen

Information technology (it) Coordinator

On the IT Committee, we will work on various projects. Some of these projects include: redesigning and updating our website, creating a “draw my life“ video for BSFC, and creating potential projects to improve the tech side of the collective.


Alejandra and Madeline

Anti oppression CO-Coordinators

The Anti-Oppression Committee works to reaffirm the inclusive values that the BSFC was founded upon, working to ensure that our space is both diverse and educational. This semester we are working on a panel that will feature some of our amazing vendors and how their work influences the bay area food systems.


Madison Nairne

Storefront Coordinator

Storefront Committee works on keeping the BSFC grocery store in tip-top shape. From making lables for each of the products, decorating the store for festive holidays, to product placement of items, Storefront makes sure that the collective is always improving and looking its best.


Jeff Noven

Staff • Executive Director
director at foodcollective dot org