Fall 2019 Membership App is here

Welcome to the Food Collective,

our people-powered grocery store. We have one of the most radical and innovative businesses in the United States, and we want your help running it. You can find the link to the membership app at the bottom of this page. 

Students at UC Berkeley opened the Food Collective in 2010 to gain control over our food system to make it better. We do this by running an educational grocery store: we want our members — and the public — to know more about the food system and we want to have it stocked with affordable, healthy, sustainable, and food sourced from farmers and vendors working hardest toward building a more equitable food system.

Members work in the store on a weekly basis and on committees to earn a 10% discount on all our food, elect our Board of Directors, guide the direction of our committees, and deliberate, collaborate and vote on critical store issues.

As we enter our 10th year in operation, we'll be looking toward expanding our operations into new and innovative business models (including pop-ups), along with redoing the whole storefront. It's going to be our most exciting semester yet — glad to have you aboard!



- A 2-hour regular weekly shift in the storefront

- Attendance at 1 hour bimonthly committee meetings

- Once-a-month workshops (2 hours max)

TOTAL: 12 hours per month; average ~3 hours per week



We’d be more than happy to answer them! Email our paid staff at director@foodcollective.org, or call the store at 510.845.1985.


Otherwise, let's do this. Click here.