Membership is Actually the Coolest: Easy, Fun, Social!

Volunteer in our store for 2 hours each week and serve on a committee and you'll:

  • Receive a 10% discount on all purchases!

  • Become a voting member of the Berkeley Student Food Collective, with a vote on our most important decisions!

  • Elect, and be eligible to run for, the organization's Board of Directors!

  • Receive a monthly newsletter with updates, volunteer opportunities, and specials!

It's the best thing that ever happened to anyone! Membership is open to ANYONE, not just students.

Membership Structure fundamentals:

1. Your basic 2-hr weekly shift: 

Your commitment helps us stay open and lovely. Without the volunteer shifts, the store would have boxes and dirt everywhere, dishes piled high, no yummy homemade food, and it would be general pandemonium. You get to meet and bond with the people on your shift, learn about and share all the amazing stories behind our products, and chat with our customers who are oftentimes the coolest people. 

2. Committees

In committees, you get to meet a larger group of BSFC-ers with similar interests and have a time and space to create and implement BSFC-related projects. You get to engage in the more business-y logistical side of running a cooperative educational grocery store, like finding the most ethical food, educating the community about food justice, empowering fellow members, ensuring our financial stability, and keeping our practices in line with BSFC and nonprofit policies.

3. Membership meetings:

This is where the full strength of the collective (100+ peeps) can come together and meet, share ideas, discuss Collective matters, etc. It's the only time members from different committees get to come together and share what they've been working on. You can get informed on upcoming events and general announcements, and debate and vote on big-scope issues that can't be resolved in committees because they affect all members. (BTW-- it's a BSFC policy that we maintain quorum to make decisions, meaning we need a certain percentage of membership there to validate the vote. So it's super important to come!)

Ready to become a Member?  

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Passionate about our project? We need your help! Your donation will help our non-profit grocery store fund educational initiatives in the community and allow us to continue selling products with little to no markup so we can continue supplying our customers with healthy and sustainable food, regardless of their economic status!

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Interested in a Committee?

Our committees are one of the best ways for BSFC-ers to get involved in the inner workings of the food collective!

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