Frequently Asked Questions


  • How can I become a member?

    • Click here to find out if we are currently seeking new members.

  • What are the perks of becoming a member?

    • Members are able to contribute to continuing the Food Collective’s mission of supporting local and small vendors, and combatting food insecurity.

    • Members receive 10% off of all items in the Collective.

    • More information here!

  • Do I need to be a UC Berkeley student to be a member?

    • No, not at all – membership is open to the everyone!

  • Do I need to be a member to shop here?

    • Nope! Anyone can shop at the Food Collective.

Financial assistance

  • Do you take EBT?

    • Yes, we do!

  • What financial assistance programs do you offer?

    • Sliding Scale Program: In an effort to reduce food waste, our food prep members take foods that would not normally sell like overripe foods or imperfect produce to create super appetizing dishes of their own choice. These ready-made meals are then sold on a sliding scale of $1-$5, meaning that you pay what you want to or are able to pay!

    • Pay it Forward” Program: The "Pay It Forward" program lets patrons purchase vouchers worth $1, $3, or $5 that future customers can then use to purchase food, produce, and other store items.

    • Click here for more information!

Organization structure

  • What is a collective? Is it the same as a co-op?

    • A collective is a group of individuals who work together on a common project without relying on internal hierarchies. Collectives might exist temporarily or over long periods, and membership in them is voluntary. This means that every member has equal decision-making power. Some decisions may be delegated to individual members or sub-committees, but no one has the special, un-recallable authority usually granted to a manager. Check out this website for more information!


  • Do you sell any vegetarian/vegan products?

    • We are a meatless storefront! All of our products are vegetarian or vegan.

    • We also offer a variety of products that are non-GMO, soy-free, and gluten-free.

  • You may be wondering more about what products we carry, and how the prices compare to a typical chain grocery store…

Although doing a price to price on the over 3,000 different items we carry and finding those same products at Safeway, Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s, or Berkeley Bowl would be quite the adventure, I’m just going to highlight a couple products.

We carry lots of snacks from cookies to chips to nuts and many more creative treats, as well as packaged meals like sandwiches, wraps, salads, and bowls of curries or other food that can be heated in our microwave. I’ve listed a couple here:

  • Fundamental Foods Falafel Hummus Wrap $4.50 each

  • Super Fresh Chopped Salads $4.50

We also having a wonderful student food prep team making meals from ingredients at our store that are sold on a sliding scale from ($1-$5) (sliding scale means you pay what you want to/are able to pay). Some examples of meals made by our team include: chili, oatmeal with berries, pasta salad, stir fry, and more! It will be something different everyday and you can check out our insta @bsfckitchen for daily updates!

  • Fresh fruits:

    • Bananas $0.50 each

    • Strawberries $3.99/box

    • Oranges $1.50/lb

    • Blueberries $3.99/box

    • Avocado $1.25 each

    • …. And more!

Looking for a liquid pick me up?

We have an array of Kombucha and smoothies and plant based milks, many of which are from local, family run producers, and/or environmentally conscious producers!!

  • Most Kombucha between $3 and $5

  • Rebbl Smoothies (Cold Brew, Matcha, Banana, Turmeric Golden Milk) $4.00

  • Marin Almond Milk * (I personally LOVE THIS STUFF. Chocolate and strawberry flavors are both amazing)

  • Guayaki canned Yerba Mate $2.50

Another great thing we offer is bulk products! We have tons of nuts, dried fruits, chocolate covered things, baking products, and more in our bulk food section!

Why buy in bulk? You can get exactly how much you need or want and bring your own container to save packaging (and the planet). *make sure to weigh your container at the store before you fill in

  • Banana chips ($4.99/lb)

  • Dark chocolate covered almonds ($14.00/lb)

  • Dark chocolate covered espresso beans ($11.20/lb)

  • Energy chunks ($7.40/lb)

  • Dried mango ($11.69/lb)

  • Grandma Dave’s Crunchy Granola ($5.75/lb)

  • Bulk 16 oz Marin Kombucha (on tap) ($3.75 -$0.25 if it is your own cup!)

  • Chile Picante Plantain Chips $6.75/lb

Also, we get fresh baked goods from local bakeries:

  • Bagel and cream cheese $1.25 for bagel, $0.75 for cream cheese (compare to Starbucks $1.85 bagel, and $0.75 cream cheese)

  • Donut Farm Vegan donuts $1.50 (flavors like coconut, blueberry, strawberry and others!)

This is just a taste of everything that we offer, come check us out and see if we have something that’s right for you! :) see you soon