Easy, Affordable Meal of the Month: Veggies with Wheatberries


Onion: $ 0.99 /pound * 0.4 pound = $ 0.40

Wheat Berries: $ 0.75 / pound * 0.6 pound = $ 0.45

Red Pepper: $ 2.50 / pound * 0.28 pound = $ 0.70

Pumpkin Seeds: $ 6.89 / pound * 0.11 pound = $ 0.76

Persimmon: $ 2.50 / pound * 0.23 pound = $ 0.58 

Mushroom: $ 3.99 / pound * 0.12 pound = $ 0.48

Tomato: $ 3.00 / pound * 0.24 pound = $ 0.72

Total: $ 4.09

Good Food: Locally Grown, Organic, and Environmentally Friendly by Sofia

Pictured is a vegan orange and blueberry layered cheesecake I made with cashews and organic fruit! This represents my support for using locally grown organic and environmentally friendly ingredients! 

The other picture is granola with milk and yogurt, representing the beauty in a simple meal.

Vegan Orange and Blueberry Cheesecake made from cashews

Vegan Orange and Blueberry Cheesecake made from cashews

Granola, milk, and yogurt. 

Granola, milk, and yogurt. 

Letter from Your Outreach Coordinator: Food Day, BSFC Expo, Nood Food, and More!

Outreach Coordinator, Allegra, hard at work.

Outreach Coordinator, Allegra, hard at work.

Today is Food Day here at UC Berkeley Campus, and the Outreach Committee has a lot of projects that have really culminated in today. Beginning in the semester, we have worked every tabling opportunity from SERC's Sustainability Expo on Lower Sproul on Wednesday, September 14th, meeting new members and potential collaborators. We tabled at the CNR Welcome Orientation for new students in August, talking to environmentally-conscious majors about the food collective's mission and desire for a more just food system. We also spoke at the BFI Open House to tell other foodies about the BSFC and the projects we do to improve our own food system. 

One of our large projects for the semester in terms of outreach is working with communities on UC Berkeley's campus that are largely not present in our store, because we either do not sell the everyday goods they want or we are not advertising ourselves well enough to them. In order to break down this barrier to being a customer at the BSFC, we, in partnership with Publicity and Education are going to hold a BSFC expo, talking to people from all over campus about what products we sell, where we could improve, and what they already like about our store. Everything from the weekly box to our bulk bins is going to be explained so shoppers feel more familiar with our products! 

Finally, stay tuned for the release of our annual Nood Food calendar! Members have had positive conversations about gender, body image, and consent in preparation for our annual calendar shoot flaunting our collective spirit and favorite and most appealing produce. Please come out to the calendar's Release Party, hosted at a location TBA in late November. It's the perfect way to get you and your friends a practical holiday gift before finals set in. There will be delicious food, good music, and ~discounted~ calendars. Stay tuned for more information and a Facebook event! 


Thanks for reading about Outreach, if you have any questions or inputs in regards to what we could be doing better, reach out to outreach@foodcollective.org

Food Day: UC Berkeley's First Inter-Food Club Mixer, October 24th, 7:30pm

Looking to get involved in Cal's diverse food club community?

You are invited to "EAT & GREET,"

–UC Berkeley's VERY FIRST inter-food club mixer–

Monday, October 24th

@ 7:30 PM

Morgan Hall Lounge

Refreshments Provided

Explore your interest in food consulting, food engineering, food publication, nutrition education, food recovery, food policy, food systems, food innovation, or even just cooking! Your passion for food can be applied in so many ways!

Clubs that will be represented include: Berkeley Student Food CollectiveFoodInnoGradFoodFood@HaasSNACFEEDSpoon UniversityFood Pantry, and Food Science and Tech at Cal

We look forward to celebrating Food Day with you!

**This is an official Food Day event, sponsored by the College of Natural Resources. For more information, please visit cnr.berkeley.edu

Easy, Affordable Meals with Fall Produce

Under $5: Stuffed Bell Peppers


Bell pepper (2 peppers fit under the budget)


Black beans

Brown basmati rice


Under $5: No cook, grab-and-go lunch

Yellow Peach

Fresh Guacamole with blue corn tortilla chips (Food Prep item)

A Bag of Banana Chips from Bulk

Under $4: Convenient Breakfast

Bagel and Cream cheese


Almonds from Bulk

No Nose Knows by Gabe Nicholas

They are easy to spot: those with poor sight wear glasses; those with poor hearing wear hearing aids. But no such distinguishing feature allows those of us with a poor sense of smell to find one another.

When I discovered this symptom in myself, my instinct, as with everything, was to tell anyone who would listen. I soon learned though confiding in the olfactory-abled just made me feel lonely. They tend to respond with a mix of pity and confusion. The first question is always, “So you can’t taste?” Well, I think I can taste; I have only ever tasted with this one mouth, so it’s hard to say. But it’s too late—the blankness of their stare tells me they are thinking back on all the meals we had together, or worse, meals I ate at their house, and wondering if I appreciated them at all. In the land of the smelling, the no-nosed man is a beggar.

The smellers planted doubt in me. When I go out to eat with friends, am I missing out on a sensory joy they all share? Are they all appreciating the "oakiness" of a Cabernet without me? Was it actually worth it for them to stand in that interminable line to try the new vegan ice cream shop?

Perhaps. Or perhaps food is only made good by the conversation that comes with it. Who enjoys themselves more—three friends eating Whoppers or a man eating Kobayashi beef alone? Our love of food may be tied to our love of each other.

Last week I went out to hot pot with an old friend. The conversation came around to Sriracha and I confessed that I use it to excess to compensate for my weak sense of smell. Lo and behold, this friend, who I have known my whole life, had the same affliction! We spent the evening commiserating and bad-mouthing those who don’t understand the struggle. It was the best damn hot pot I’ve ever had.